Welcome, welcome all my peeps!

So, 100% positive I should have posted this for my first post, but I didn't. I rushed over and posted a little holiday decor collage instead. I mean, just like everyone else is saying, It's 2020 so anything goes, right?! So you got a little holiday cheer for post #1. You're welcome. This is me. Jessie. In all my glory. My simple, mono-cromatic glory! But seriously, you'll see soon enough I LOVE a good neutral look with most things in life. I'm 34 and married to a stud muffin. We've got 3 beautiful, spunky, full of life girls making up our small girl gang. We love adventure, always up for trying something new, LOVE a good dance party, and spending as much time as we can with our loved one. PS. this post is about to be a taaaaad all over the place. I can already tell I'm trying to squeeze in a lot all at once.

So here I am, finally doing this, and the only reason I have time is because my little, hell on wheels, 1 year old is finally in her own room, sleeping in her own crib, through the night (while my 3 year old is still in the bed with us HA.) Don't tell Stevie, she might have her feelings hurt we booted her first, BUT only because she was ready. I miss her snuggles in bed with me OH SO MUCH, but she was waking all night long and was mad when she would wake. I finally figured out it was because she was crowded and uncomfortable with all 4 of us in one bed together. So I knew deep down it was time to let her be a big girl, much to my dismay. Night TWO of being put in her room, she slept through the night. So proud of her, but I really had to force myself to do it. I love the co-sleeping snuggles so, so much. Stella's next, but don't tell her yet. She's been in our bed for 3.5 years now, so it should be a real good time getting her adjusted to the new sleeping arrangements.

Well, that went off in a whole other direction with the babies and sleep! The children always seem to take over somehow. Your brain, your food, you life haha jk, jk (but not really) So back to square one. I'm excited to get the ball rolling on all of this. Mostly because it gives my brain the food it needs to survive. CREATIVITY. All of this is a creative outlet for me to express all of the constant, large amounts of thoughts, ideas, creativity that are on constant overdrive. I love it. Love all the thoughts all of the time, but only if I can express and follow through. So here I am, letting all my creativeness flow free. It may seem a bit all over the place, for me, it's all combined into my creative section of my brain, so in my head, at least, it all meshes together in one way or another. There will be posts about my girls and our crafts. Their outfits. My outfits. Random DIYs. Tomorrow I may bake a cake, simply to decorate it! Or it may be a design project I am working on. So with this post a warn you, it's a tad all over the place when laid out and categorized, but for me, it's all combined into one big pot of creativity and I hope you enjoy all of the madness along the way. When I'm creating, it's like euphoria for me. MY brain literally thrives.

Thanks for tuning in. I hope I can bring some joy and light into your life along the way.


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