Lou Lou & Company's Black Friday Sale

Lets start by saying I get ZERO compensation for posting about this brand. I'm not a partner, they don't send me free items, it is literally just my favorite brand EVER. I happened to stumble across their instagram page when I was pregnant with Stevie and decided to order a few swaddle blankets ... And here we are today. Still consistently placing orders. I literally have to convince myself "No Jessie, the girls do NOT need a 25th pair of Tops & Bottoms) I had about 15 swaddle blankets, 10 gowns, headbands, hats, literally ALL of it and I didn't even know the gender of my baby yet. Side note: I am one of 6 children and none of us find out the gender of our babies until birth. It's a ridiculously, fun family tradition of ours. 18 cousins and counting (always counting) Anyways, back to the reason for this post. Lou Lou!! SOOOO this week is their Black Friday Sale. They always do it early and they post a new deal every day of the week. We've already missed the first day of the sale, so I'm sorry about that. Having a 3 and 1 year old doesn't always leave me the time I would like to get stuff like this done. Today they are doing 25% off Newborn Bundles. The bundles come with a swaddle blanket (the only thing I ever swaddled Stevie in for MONTHS when she was born) a hat and mittens. If you sign up on the email list, when they launch a new product or like this week, have sales, they provide you with a password for the website and you get 1 hour of early access to shop before the general public has access. I would HIGHLY suggest you sign up for the emails, because when they launch new products, which is every Thursday morning, that 1 hour of early access shopping makes all the difference. Their new stuff sells out unbelievably fast sometimes, like 10 minutes fast. One time I was checking out at 9:05 (site launched at 9:00) and before I could checkout, I lost an item of out my cart because someone else checked out quicker! Mind-blowing , that's how much people love their stuff. Same with their Black Friday Sale. Every day a new sale launches, they send out the password for that days sale so email subscribers can have the 1 hour to shop before public launch. Moral of the story, JUST DO IT! Sign up for their emails.

Their fabric is SO soft, it's stretchy, and so well made. They think of features like a fold over the hands feature on their newborn gowns so babies won't scratch their face. There isn't elastic in the waistband, so your little ones tummy won't be squeezed too tight, but they still fit perfect. They have swaddle blankets, baby hats, bows, baby mittens, baby bonnets, gowns (life saver for your newborn and all the diapers you have to change in the night), top and bottom sets, rompers, cozy blankets, everyday dress for mom, bundles with top items paired together so you get 3/5 items in one. I could go one and on about them, but I can't because my girls are screaming ... but one thing is certain. You will not regret making a purchase with Lou Lou & Company. They are literally the bomb and I will 100% cry when my girls grow out of their stuff. I didn't even mention their patterns. How could I forget the precious patterns. I can't even start on that, because again, my kids ... Stevie is climbing on the kitchen table as I type!! Anyways, their patterns are SO. DAMN. CUTE.

Happy Wednesday, my friends. Go sign up for their emails and shop their Black Friday Sale. They don't do sales often, I think only twice a year, so snatch up what you can and just wait for the obsession that will kick in as soon as you get your hands on their stuff. Here's just A FEW pictures of my girls in their Lou Lou.


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