Holiday Perfection

This is your PSA that your house, and your life, for that matter, doesn't have to be perfect all of the time. Except mine. Mine does! haha Not really, but I sure wish it was. I strive for it to be. I am 110% type A. I like perfection. It's all or nothing mindset over here. I constantly struggle with the mind set that everything has to be perfect and if it's not ..... Yikes! I've gotten better, the more children I have, but it's definitely an everyday struggle for me.

These days, social media really enhances the perfectionist side of me. The perfect pictures all of the time. It's impossible to not look at all of these pictures that people are posting and then not compare yourself to those little, perfect squares. I mean, that's the whole idea behind Instagram, right? To make your page look as appealing as you possibly can? I get it. I do the same. I love perfect pictures on my little instagram. I do always try to show the imperfect, chaotic side of life too, especially in my stories, because honestly NO ONES house or life is perfect. Even if their little Instagram squares says it is, it's not. Well, maybe if you don't have children it's perfect. Pre-kid Jessie had a perfect home HAHAHA Just Kidding. Well, kind of kidding.

Anyways, I found myself comparing myself to all of these people/pages that were posting these perfect homes, with perfect holiday decor in every corner of their home. I found myself wishing my house could look perfect and have every nook and cranny decorated exactly how I envisioned it in this severely type A brain. Another side note. Don't be sad if you can can't afford every single corner to be decorated, or all your kids rooms having Christmas sheets and Christmas comforters with their own perfect Christmas tree and fireplace too. Again, type A, interior designer Jessie is ALL ABOUT THIS, but I can't. My kids, nor my wallet will allow & most people can't, so don't fret. We just slowly add new decor every year and build up our collection (until my style changes ... again ... big trouble)

So, as I was a pulling things out this year, I had to let go of my perfect image and accept how things were really going to be. Hint: NOT how my brain was envisioning the perfect holiday decorated house ... Stevie was yanking down the stockings the very moment we put them up. I don't have the perfect children who won't touch my decor. (But actually, yes. YES my kids are 100% perfect) So now, the stockings are piled on top of the mantle for little hands not to grab, we won't have any ornaments on the tree, well because, you know ... little, curious hands like those too and as long as we have younger children, you guessed it, we won't have any ornaments. (I actually kind of like the simplicity of no ornaments, but don't tell me family, because then they will have to have ornaments on the tree and now I'm thinking I never want ornaments again lol). The lights are CONSTANTLY being changed to rainbow instead of my perfect white lights AND Stella already, somehow, pulled the tree completely over (noted below) It was an accident, but still, that's like with kids! I realize NONE OF THESE THINGS REALLY MATTER, but for anyone who is like me, you understand how hard this is to accept, the perfectly imperfect. I love it all, I really do! But to everyone whose brain works like mine ... I feel your pain.

So the point of this post. It's okay for your home to not look and be perfect. IT IS OKAY! And maybe, just maybe, I wrote all of this just to reassure myself that it. is. okay. Check pics below of my perfect entry table. (Stevie can't reach this table top, obviously). UGH, actually, it's not perfect because the tree lights up and I can't plug it in. Apparently the builder didn't think a plug was necessary anywhere in our entry foyer. Dumb. Then, the imperfect living room with the stockings NOT in their correct place and the tree on the ground ... and rainbow lights. Imperfectly, perfect! Life with children. And believe it or not, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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