Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Girl

I like to do holiday gift guides each year because I truly find it fun to browse new things, but I also really enjoy helping people find unique gifts. Teen girl is where I typically start, because it is the easiest for me. I can just rack my oldest's brain and see what she's into and what she gives me the look of "You're kidding, right?" Haha So below is a list of Bren's stamp of approval items. All items are linked below. Happy Holiday Shopping!

  1. Go set of 3 nylon zip pouches. $38

  2. Standard cloth tie-dye sweatpants $54

  3. Heartbeat makeup vanity mirror $20

  4. At home escape room $50

  5. Luminous face & eye brush set $35

  6. BAGGU Puffy 16” Laptop Sleeve $28

  7. Nike Air Max 270 React $160

  8. Star Kisser Lip Plumping Mask $14

  9. Arizona Genuine Shearling Slide Sandal $149

  10. UO mini Tabletop pool game $34

  11. EMU Australia Mayberry Tie-Dye slipper $70

  12. Fujifilm mini link smartphone printer $99

  13. Tabletop Cornhole $48

  14. Mini Waffle Maker $18

  15. Peace sign ring holder $14

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