Been Missing!

Hiiii. I've been missing over here on the blog. I started painting the custom pet ornaments and that took just about all my free time (those are almost all complete). But also, my husband also dropped and broke our Mac book screen so it was out of commission for a bit getting repaired and trying to write/post anything from my phone just isn't worth the hassle for me! Oh, and I couldn't remember my login/password without my auto/finger print login on the Mac Books, so our desk top wasn't an option. Too much work to reset it all hahahaha Anywho, I'm back. I don't have much to write about EXCEPT here is a great video of Stevie meeting Santa this year. I mean, get a grip, Stevie. I cannot imagine why you would be so scared of an old man in a red suit wanting you to come see him. (insert sarcasm) Enjoy and happy Monday! Also, that's my first and probably last TikTok. Stevie loves that song/voiceover when she hears it on my phone. She sings "Oh No, Oh No" all the time. So when I got her Santa pictures back, I had no choice but to make this TikToc with the song. Oh, the terror!

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